The Banyan Tree

Our Campaigns

Our commitment to supporting communities and vulnerable people stretches all the way to South India.

A personal connection to the 2004 Tsunami brought the work of The Banyan Tree charity to James Hopkins’ attention and he has continued to offer both financial support and advice to the charity which operates in Kerala, India.

One of the charity’s major projects is The Centre of Dalit Studies and Action (CDSA) in Idinjar. For years the centre was housed in a succession of inadequate buildings with limited facilities. With James’ support, the charity embarked on an ambitious project to secure a plot of land and create a bespoke building to house the centre.

Opened in 2014, the centre has become a fully integrated community facility, providing significant and valuable educational opportunities, a medical centre, facilities for a small business enterprise, community-based activities and a place for celebrations such as wedding receptions.

The Banyan Tree works to bring help, hope and opportunity to some of the poorest and most deprived people in South India. James Hopkins’ guidance and enthusiasm for the Centre of Dalit Studies and Action (CDSA) in Idinjar, helped us to reach beyond our comfort zone and create the truly inclusive community facility that the centre has become.


Supporting communities across borders.

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For almost 40-years Hopkins & Moore have been building homes across East Anglia. Now, we have renamed to Denbury Homes but are still setting new standards for exceptional design and customer service.