Denbury Homes goes back to the classroom

Two members from Denbury Homes’ land team visited Clare Community Primary School to deliver an exciting lesson during STEM week.  

Land buyer Jess Baker and Land Estimator Jolene Mayhew stepped away from their day jobs to help the year five class at Clare Community Primary School learn more about planning for new homes and communities.

The class has been learning about housing and development planning as part of their geography topic classes this year. With Denbury Homes currently building a new development on Cavendish Road in Clare, teacher Jonny Wilson reached out to the team to see if they could help bring the topic to life.

Jess Baker, Land Buyer at Denbury Homes said: “Talking to 33 energetic nine- and 10-year-olds is a little out of the ordinary for us, but we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet the class. Their questions were insightful and demonstrated lots of thought and curiosity about the different elements of planning new homes, particularly around biodiversity and the environment.”

Using plans and details from Denbury Homes’ Weavers Way development in Clare to illustrate their discussion, the pair presented some of the key areas the Denbury Homes team must consider when planning a new development. This included looking at how to plan a mixture of house sizes or how to include footpaths and cycle routes.

Mr Wilson then tasked the class with designing their own housing developments. Jolene Mayhew, Land Estimator at Denbury Homes added: “The children put in a huge amount of effort to their projects. We were so impressed by their creativity and the details they had included.”

Jonny Wilson, Year Five teacher at Clare Community Primary School said: “It was great to welcome Jess and Jolene to the class, especially during STEM week when we’ve been focusing on science and technology. The children were very engaged in the topic, and having a talk from people involved in planning actual developments gave them a real-world perspective that has solidified their learning.”

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