Easy Move

Terms & Conditions

  1. To consider your home for Easy Move purposes it must meet the following criteria:
  • i. Must not be worth more than £750,000
  • ii. Must not be worth more in value than 150% of any plot you are wishing to purchase
  • iii. Your chosen new plot must be due to be build complete within four months
  • iv. Must be in England
  1. If you are already on the market we recommend you speak with your marketing agent prior to committing to a Easy Move agreement, given you may be liable for fees under any agreement you have signed with any agent. Any fees in this respect are your liability.
  2. We do not buy your home, we use The New Homes Group (TNHG) to market your property to help you achieve a sale so you can purchase a new Denbury home.
  3. We do not require a deposit to instigate the Easy Move process.
  4. Once we have instigated the process any chosen plot will be placed on hold until 48 hours after we have discussed marketing prices. The plot price will be fixed during this period. If we cannot agree a marketing price at this time, we reserve the right to withdraw the offer of Easy Move and to remarket the plot.
  5. You will be required to complete a valuation request form, which will be shared with The New Homes Group (TNHG) who is our Easy Move coordinator. The TNHG will use this information to contact you and to arrange access for up to three independent estate agents for market valuation purposes. Access is usually required within five working days of the valuation request being received by TNHG. They will further use your information along with marketing agent and other research to compile a valuation report. We will discuss this report with you in the hope we can agree a mutually acceptable marketing price for your home.
  6. Once an initial marketing price has been agreed, we will confirm this in writing and upon receipt of your signed copy, will instruct TNHG to market the property on your behalf. TNHG may use single or multiple estate agencies to do this.
  7. You can withdraw from the process at any time prior to contracts being exchanged.
  8. Once TNHG have been instructed to market your property your chosen plot will be held for a further 6 weeks from this date. Its price will continue to be fixed during this period.
  9. Once on the market TNHG will deal directly with you in all aspects concerning your home, this includes but is not limited to:
  • i. Arranging viewings
  • ii. Discussing feedback
  • iii. Discussing any offers
  • iv. Progressing matters once a buyer has been found
  • v. Discussing marketing and price if interest has been low, and a reduction from the initial marketing price, if necessary
  1. In addition to the above, you must also agree to comply with the following in connection with your property:
  • i. Allow any estate agencies appointed by TNHG to erect a ‘For Sale’ board outside of your home if they desire
  • ii. Allow prospective purchasers reasonable access for viewings. In the event you are unable to provide reasonable access for viewings we will require you to provide a key to one of TNHG’s appointed estate agents for pre-arranged viewings to take place. Any viewings under this arrangement will only take place with the prospective purchasers being accompanied at all times by a representative of TNHG’s appointed estate agent.
  • iii. You agree to pay TNHG a fee of 2.5% + VAT of the sale price of your home, should you decide to retain any buyer they have sourced but not to continue with the purchase of a new home from Denbury Homes on a Easy Move basis.

We request every effort is made to accommodate viewings by potential purchasers.

  1. TNHG will periodically issue a marketing report to our sales consultant for them to review. This will include information such as: level of interest, viewings and any offers, which have been received. In addition to TNHG our sales consultant will also discuss this information with you along with any changes to the price, which may or may not be required to achieve a sale within the period.
  2. If a proceedable buyer is found during the six week period and any offer accepted by you, your property will then become sold subject to contract and a memorandum of sale will be issued by TNHG. Once you are sold subject to contract you should contact your sales consultant to arrange to complete the full formal reservation process for your chosen plot. A £1,000 reservation fee will be required at this time and our standard terms and conditions of reservation will apply. Should you wish to review the terms of reservation and the process prior to committing, your sales consultant will be able to assist you with this.
  3. Once reservation has taken place you will be required to instruct solicitors on the sale of your current home and the purchase of your new home. You should provide your chosen solicitor with the memorandum of sale and reservation form at this time.
  4. TNHG will continue to progress any parties in the chain to ensure a smooth process through to exchange and then completion. As with any sale, there is always the possibility a party may withdraw. Should this occur within the 6 week period we will remarket your home for the balance of the period. Should this occur outside of the initial 6 week period, for example: a sale is agreed at week 2 but 5 weeks later the buyer withdraws, we will discuss whether we wish to start the Easy Move process again and it will be entirely at our discretion. If we decide not to offer Easy Move again, TNHG will be instructed to remove your property from the market. If you wish for it to remain on the market with the TNHG you will need to speak to them directly in this regard.
  5. When you exchange, you will simultaneously exchange on the sale of your existing home and the purchase of your new home.
  6. When you complete, you will simultaneously complete on the sale of your existing home and your new Denbury home. This is the day you move out of your existing property and into your new home.
  7. On the basis you complete your purchase of one of our new homes as a result of this Easy Move arrangement, we will pay the estate agents fees incurred in selling your home directly. We will not pay them in any other scenario.

Prior to instigating the Easy Move process you must identify the development and plot and sign a copy of these Easy Move terms and conditions, which is you confirming you have read, understood and accept them.

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