Celebrating men’s achievements and mental health at Denbury Homes this International Men’s Day

This International Men’s Day, we’re spotlighting the guys in our team by telling their stories. Opening up as a man is not always easy, but at Denbury Homes, we’re challenging stigmas and encouraging a culture where conversations about mental health are welcomed.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, the statistics surrounding male suicide are alarming. By sharing the personal stories of our team members, we hope to inspire others to talk, seek support, and challenge the stereotypes.

Craig Salmon, Site Manager – his story

In 1994, I took up a temporary role in construction. Climbing from labourer to site manager over 21 years, a life-changing event in 2014 led me to join Denbury Homes. Despite recent challenges in my personal life, my three daughters and lively grandson keep me moving forward. Denbury Homes cares about its employees as people, just as much as it values its customers and the creation of exceptional homes for them. That is what the Denbury Difference means to me.

Jason Catling, Site Manager – his story

I’ve been in construction for 25 years, beginning as a bricklayer at the youthful age of 16. Now a site manager, having a healthy work-life balance is paramount for me and my mental health. It allows me to do the things that help keep me grounded, like long walks, fresh air and weekend golf. Most importantly, though, I’ve learned not to bottle up emotions and therefore make it a deliberate point to my team that I’m always here to talk.

Working within a close-knit team under exceptional leadership from our Head Office defines the Denbury Difference to me. It is more than construction; it’s about open communication, working together and supporting one another to create homes that we are proud of.

Luke Coppen, Head of Finance – his story

I’m a Chartered Accountant with a passion for construction!

I almost became a bricklayer after school, so I am incredibly engaged in the house-building process, working closely with all aspects of the business. To support my mental health, I prioritise regular gym sessions and staying close to my family and friends. The Denbury Difference, to me, means creating a premium product that stands the test of time, with homes designed to be enjoyed for years to come, in new communities we’ve built.

Shaun Tate, Sales Consultant – his story I joined the industry in 2003, and since then, I’ve almost always enjoyed what I do. At Denbury Homes, I’m able to leave work at work, giving me the time to do the things I enjoy, while planning ahead means I always have something to look forward to. Having these routines is invaluable for my mental health.

One aspect I love about Denbury Homes is our relaxed team environment. I appreciate the trust among my colleagues, knowing I can talk to them about anything without judgment. Having honest conversations is important and embodies what the Denbury Difference means to me.

Simon Wasley, Senior Land Manager – his story

Growing up in the construction world exposed me to the industry’s highs and lows, and since leaving school, I’ve been fascinated. When it comes to my mental health, I’m fortunate enough to have a supportive wife and find balance through competitive team sports. At Denbury Homes, our camaraderie is fantastic. While I’ve “retired” from rugby, a group of us comes together to train in the morning before work which sets a positive tone for the day and boosts our wellbeing.

Reflecting on our efforts is important for mental health. The Denbury  Difference, to me, spans from the time and effort our team put in the initial stages of development, whether it be design, social contribution, or community consultation, all the way through to the extra level of detail, care and workmanship evident in all our developments. Driving into a completed development brings a sense of pride, knowing we’ve delivered not just an exceptional house, but a home.

Denbury Homes stands as a place where strength and resilience are celebrated. Through their commitment to mental health, companionship, and the Denbury Difference, these men are supporting their colleagues alongside building the exceptional home the whole company is so proud of.

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